Sigma Nu is making its move from 829 to 924 Greenbrier.

Please contact Kevin Kedzior for all your Housing questions at: or 224.402.3799

Kevin is the liason between NIU, Sigma Nu National Fraternity and the local Sigma Nu Theta Eta Alumni Chapter.



924 Greenbrier

Congratulations to Sigma Nu for striking a short-term, win-win deal with Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni to lease their chapter house at 924 Greenbrier. This will be the home of our undergraduates for the next two or perhaps three years while Sigma Phi Epsilon reorganizes due to a two-year suspension from the University. Sig Eps are happy to have a tenent to pay expenses until they can get back to critical mass and move their guys back in. Sigma Nu is happy because we have a larger chapter house to meet our growing chapter's needs and a higher profile location on Greek Row.

About the house: 924 Greenbrier is and all brick and concrete block structure with poured concrete floors. Although the building is over 40 years old, it is structurally sound. There have been several investments made back into the property recently, including a new parking lot, new roof, new electrical throughout and new paint this summer. It is a 24 bedroom house with a 48-man occupancy.

Fall 2008: Sigma Nu will have 32 of our 47 returning undergraduates living in the house. These numbers should prove to yield a modest profit for the House Corporation. The undergraduates voted to keep the cook who has been employed by SPE for 13 years. She will be preparing lunch and dinner for about 35 of our men Monday through Friday. Mealtime should be a great opportunity for brotherhood development, entertaining prospective members and one less thing for which the undergraduates have to worrry.

Fall 2009: Membership projections are 75+ men returning to campus and a full 48 men living in-house. We have a flat-rate rent agreement with SPE. With a full house, this will be an opportunity for our organization to bank significant money toward our housing future. If we are fortunate enough to lease for a third year, it will be more of the same.

Special Thanks: The fraternity would like to recognize alumnus Pat Kackert (Theta Eta 372) for negotiating the contract with SPE and for our undergraduate members, inspecting the building and insuring a safe, clean living environment for our collegians. Thanks to John "Dewey" Yaeger (Theta Eta 276) for his service as Treasurer on the Alumni House Corporation Board and successfully navigating the challenges that come with collecting rents, paying the bills in a timely fashion and keeping us in the black. Thanks for John Butler (Theta Eta 300) for laying the foundational relationship with Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni to identify this opportunity early on and bring it to the table.

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