next alumni meeting with be held:            To be announced

Alumni meeting's are held approximately every other month, and on the 3rd Thursday of that month See theta eta announcements on the home page for details. All Theta Eta Alumni are more than welcome to attend.  We encourage everyone to participate.  If you are new to attending these meetings, feel free to show up or give one of the board members below a call/email for more information.

We look forward to seeing you!


Position Name Badge Phone email
President Bob Sibik 108 847-204-5247
Recolonization Director Kevin Kedzior 275 224-402-3799
Event Coordinator Steve Sliga 272 312-928-3738
Gung Ho Jon White 52 630-391-2356
Treasurer Kevin Simpson 91 630-795-1495
Website Development Jason Gough 305 847-421-0259
Membership Director Jim Murphy 15 918-270-4279
Florida Guy Alan Boress 17 954-345-6346
Recorder Dale Deatsch 120 630-834-1727
Jack Of All Trades Mark Reid 30 815-758-6331